REST API is not complete yet, please add missing functionality with pull requests to devel branch.

If you are in a hurry, you can use these to have more functionality:

For workflows see If-this-then-that issue than mentions Huginn, Flogo etc.


The REST API allows you to control and extend Wekan with ease.

If you are an end-user and not a dev or a tester, create an issue to request new APIs.

All API calls in the documentation are made using curl. However, you are free to use Java / Python / PHP / Golang / Ruby / Swift / Objective-C / Rust / Scala / C# or any other programming languages.

Production Security Concerns

When calling a production Wekan server, ensure it is running via HTTPS and has a valid SSL Certificate. The login method requires you to post your username and password in plaintext, which is why we highly suggest only calling the REST login api over HTTPS. Also, few things to note:

  • Only call via HTTPS
  • Implement a timed authorization token expiration strategy
  • Ensure the calling user only has permissions for what they are calling and no more



HTTP Method Url Short Description
POST /users/login Authenticate with the REST API.


HTTP Method Url Short Description
POST /users/register Register a new user.
POST /api/users Create a new user.
PUT /api/users/:id Disable an existing user.
PUT /api/users/:id Enable an existing user.
PUT /api/users/:id Admin takes the ownership.
DELETE /api/users/:id Delete an existing user. (Warning)
GET /api/users/:id Gets a user's information.
GET /api/users All of the users.
GET /api/user Gets a logged-in user.
### Cards
HTTP Method Url Short Description
:--- :--- :---
POST /api/boards/:boardId/lists/:listId/cards Add a card to a list, board, and swimlane.
PUT /api/boards/:boardId/lists/:fromListId/cards/:cardId Update a card.
DELETE /api/boards/:boardId/lists/:listId/cards/:cardId Delete a card.


URL Requires Auth HTTP Method
/users/login no POST


Authentication with username

Argument Example Required Description
username myusername Required Your username
password my$up3erP@ssw0rd Required Your password

Authentication with email

Argument Example Required Description
email Required Your email
password my$up3erP@ssw0rd Required Your password
  • Notes:
  • You will need to provide the token for any of the authenticated methods.

Example Call - As Form Data

curl http://localhost:3000/users/login \
     -d "username=myusername&password=mypassword"
curl http://localhost:3000/users/login \
     -d ""

Example Call - As JSON

curl -H "Content-type:application/json" \
      http://localhost:3000/users/login \
      -d '{ "username": "myusername", "password": "mypassword" }'
curl -H "Content-type:application/json" \
      http://localhost:3000/users/login \
      -d '{ "email": "", "password": "mypassword" }'


  "id": "user id",
  "token": "string",
  "tokenExpires": "ISO encoded date string"

Result example

  "id": "XQMZgynx9M79qTtQc",
  "token": "ExMp2s9ML1JNp_l11sIfINPT3wykZ1SsVwg-cnxKdc8",
  "tokenExpires": "2017-12-15T00:47:26.303Z"